How to Go Green with Your Security System

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Many people have gone green. No, they’re not ill, they’re environmentally responsible. If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint, it may surprise you to know that many home security companies are dedicated to the cause.

How exactly can your alarm monitoring service help you go green? Many home security systems come packaged with home automation. Home automation allows you to automatically or remotely control household functions.

With a home automation system, you can turn on your HVAC unit via your smartphone while on vacation halfway around the world. If you frequently fall asleep with the lights on, you can automatically program your lights to shut off at a specific time. All of this, and more, is possible with the humble (or not so humble) security system.

Let’s take a look at some of the easiest ways to go green with your home security system.

Turn On or Off Your Lights

Save energy by controlling when your lights come on and go off. Not only can you automatically set the timing, you can also remotely control lights from your smartphone or computer.

Turn On or Off Your Appliances

Everyone’s had that sinking feeling — Did I turn off the coffee maker? If you frequently forget about a television, coffee maker, or a curling iron, be sure to set those appliances on your home automation system. Not only will you be able to check if you’ve already turned off the appliance, you can also remotely turn them off from afar.

Turn On A Fake TV

Conserve energy but trick burglars at the same time. Buy a tv simulator, such as the Fake TV, which projects lights onto a wall and mimics a real HDTV. You can plug in the Fake TV into your home automation system and set it to come on at specific times, or remotely when you’re away from home. It saves more energy than a real television and uses less resources than a nightlight.

Control Your Thermostat

Use your home automation system to remotely control your thermostat. This is especially useful at night when your temperature demands are lower than during the daytime. Instead of blasting the A/C throughout the day and night during the sweltering summer months, program your thermostat accordingly to save energy. If you’re hopelessly hot-natured in the summer, add a ceiling fan to your bedroom for use at night time.

Use Motion-Detected Security Lights Outdoors

Instead of wasting money on lights that never turn off, install motion-detectors. An added bonus? Motion detectors can take the criminal by surprise and cause them to scamper off in defeat.

Opt for Paperless Billing

Ask if your home security monitoring service offers paperless billing. If it does, you’ll have the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint by paying your bills online.

With these tips, you can see how easy it is to be green. Many top security companies make environmentally friendly features a part of their standard offerings, so you have plenty of fantastic offerings. Our favorite option is Vivint, which provides state-of-the-art home automation services. Be sure to check them out, and give us some of your favorite go green tips in the comments below.