Top 3 Home Security Companies in Houston

a crisp cityscape of the downtown Houston Texas skyline on a nicWhen it comes to securing your home you can’t afford to cut corners or take chances with a substandard home security company. Each year in the United States approximately 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported by homeowners as well as renters. The FBI cites home break ins as the most common threat our homes will face. Every 13 seconds a home is burglarized. These may seem like bleak statistics, but there are things that homeowners and renters can do to make their homes safer and more secure.

A security system is one of the best ways to prevent burglaries and break ins. Homes that do not have a security system is as much as 300 percent more likely to be broken in to or burglarized. The majority of criminals, around 85 percent, are not professionals. This means they tend to be anxious, desperate, agitated, and dangerous. It also means that they are looking for easy access like an open window or unlocked door. The very presence of a security system is a deterrent to these criminals. They don’t want the hassle or difficulty of dealing with a home that has a security system in place.

Finding a system to secure your home can be overwhelming. While we live in an age of information that is readily available, it can often lead to information overload. We’ve reviewed and rated hundreds of companies and narrowed it down to the three best. Here is our list of the top 3 home security systems.

#1: Frontpoint


Frontpoint received the highest marks both from our own review process and in customer satisfaction ratings. It scored high marks in customer service, ease of use, exceptional equipment, and reliable service.

Better Business Bureau rating – A+

In the past three years they have only received 38 complaints, as opposed to other security system companies with more than ten times that number, and you have a security company you can trust.

Outstanding Features

One of Frontpoint’s most outstanding features, in addition to its outstanding customer service, is its 30 day money back guarantee. If you get it and realize it isn’t for you, you have 30 days to change your mind and get a total refund – this includes the shipping costs to return the equipment.

Frontpoint’s 100 percent cellular and wireless monitoring service is another feature that sets this company above the others. In fact, Frontpoint is the only national company at this time that offers completely cellular and wireless service. Wondering what the hub bub is? If someone is trying to break into your home and cut the cable wire for your internet or cut your telephone line, your security system is not affected.

In the event of a power outage Frontpoint has the longest back up coverage available. Your system will continue to keep you safe and covered for a full 24 hours or more.


Frontpoint has three plans with monthly costs ranging from $34.99 to $49.99. Free standard shipping and returns on Frontpoint equipment is included in all three plans. Each plan also comes with a yard sign and five window decals to deter potential burglars. They are the front line to turn thieves away before they even try to break into your home.

The three plans have different features for different needs.

The Protection Plan – ($34.99 per month)

This is Frontpoint’s entry level plan. While basic in comparison to the other plans, it is still a powerful home security system and may have everything you need. Some of those features include:

  • 100 percent cellular
  • 24/7 intrusion protection
  • Fire protection
  • Environmental protection
  • 24/7 Professional monitoring

These features are designed to give homeowners and renters peace of mind. They go far beyond break ins and burglaries. The plan alerts residents of high carbon monoxide levels that can be deadly yet are usually not detectable by humans. It can also detect other changes in the environment such as freezes and floods.

If a resident has a medical emergency or needs help, there is a panic pendant that is included in Frontpoint’s plan. This will ensure that your family can get help when they need it.

The Interactive Plan – ($42.99 per month)

This mid-level plan offers all of the features of Frontpoint’s Protection Plan as well as these additional features:

  • Crash and smash protection
  • Email and text alerts
  • Remote access and control
  • Light control
  • Geo location services

The Crash & Smash guarantee is one of the most appealing features of this plan. If someone breaks into your home and smashes the control panel of your system in an effort to disable it, an alert will immediately be sent to the monitoring system indicating the possibility of a break in. Law enforcement will be dispatched to your location to respond to the alert.

The text and email alerts work with your system to keep you updated even when you are away. If someone tries to break in or fire, or if there is an environmental hazard such as a freeze or flood, you will be notified.

This plan also allows you to access your security system remotely. It uses’s mobile app to see the real time status of your system as well as view your visitor activity and alarm history. You can also use this feature to turn your lights and appliances on or off remotely. The Geo Services feature reminds you to set your alarm if you leave home and forget. This play puts full control of your security system in the palm of your hand.

The Ultimate Plan ($49.99)

This is a top of the line security and Frontpoint’s premium package. It includes everything from the Protection Plan and the Interactive Plan, plus:

  • Live video streaming
  • Motion activated video recording
  • HD and night vision capabilities
  • Advanced home automation suite
  • Automated door locks
  • Energy management control

The advanced home automation suite is the highlight of this plan. You can use your mobile device to lock your doors, turn your lights and appliances on or off, and adjust your thermostat. Whether you are across the street, across town, or in another state, you have the control.

You can also view your home in real time anytime, anywhere on your mobile device, laptop, or computer with the wireless video feature. You can adjust the setting to be notified in the event one of the motion sensors is triggered. Then you can log on and view the streaming live video feed.


There are three equipment packages that are available from Frontpoint. You can add any equipment package to any plan; it is entirely your choice. There is a one-time fee for the equipment and it is not included in the monthly price.

Standard Equipment Package ($99.95)

There are five pieces included in the Standard Equipment Package:

  • 1 Keychain remote including one-click disarming and arming
  • 1 GE Security 2010 Simon XT control panel and battery back-up
  • 2 Window or door sensors
  • 1 Large motion sensor (is not activated by small pets)

Enhanced Equipment Package ($164.94)

There are six pieces included in the Enhanced Equipment Package:

  • 1 Keychain remote including one-click disarming and arming
  • 1 GE Security 2010 Simon XT control panel and battery back-up
  • 2 Window or door sensors
  • 1 Large motion sensor (is not activated by small pets)
  • 1 Heat and smoke sensor

Light Equipment Package ($199.03)

There are seven pieces included in the Light Equipment Package:

  • 1 Keychain remote including one-click disarming and arming
  • 2 Wireless light controls
  • 1 GE Security 2010 Simon XT control panel and battery back-up
  • 2 Window or door sensors
  • 1 Large motion sensor (is not activated by small pets)

Pros and Cons


  • Fast, easy DIY set up
  • No activation or installation fee
  • Outstanding customer service


  • No two-way intercom

Best Deal

If you want the best value with the most features then opt for the Interactive Plan. Frontpoint’s mid-level plan gives you the protection you need with the extra features like a mobile app, a panic button for medical emergency service, and smash and crash protection.

#2. Protect America




The second company on the list for Top Home Security System is Protect America. The triple guarantee that this company offers, along with a lifetime replacement plan, and no equipment fees make it a very attractive option. Protect America offers budget friendly plans as well as top notch protection. This is a very popular company claiming more than a half million satisfied customers.

Better Business Bureau – A-

Outstanding Features

The number one outstanding feature for Protect America is its low prices. In fact, it offers home security for the lowest prices in the United States home protection industry. If you need protection but also need the lowest price possible, this is a great choice.

Several aspects of Protect America are comparable to Frontpoint. For instance, like Frontpoint, Protect America also offers quick and easy 30 minutes DIY installation with phone support. Free technical support is also provided in the event there is a problem with the system.

Protect America has three different type of monitoring systems that allow customers the ability to choose what they need, the way they need it, at a price they can afford. Those three types include:

  • Cellular
  • Broadband
  • Landline

The five security plans offer customers flexibility, security, and a great price.


Protect America’s home security plans range from the very affordable $19.99 per month to the still reasonable $42.99 per month. All five plans come with several very attractive amenities like 24/7 monitoring, 1 yard sign, 1 motion detector, 3 window decals, and 1 control panel.

Each plan has three levels: landline, broadband, and cellular. Landline is the most basic and least expensive option for any of the plans.

Copper Plan ($19.99)

This monthly fee is for a landline based monitoring system and the most basic of Protect America’s plans. This is best suited for smaller living spaces like apartments, condos, cottages, or small homes. The Copper Plan includes:

  • 1 Simon XT panel
  • 3 Door or window sensors
  • 1 Motion detector

Bronze Plan ($35.99)

This monthly fee is also for a landline based monitoring system and is the second tier in Protect America’s protection plans. This plan is best suited for homes that are less than 1,200 square feet. The Bronze Plan includes:

  • 1 Simon XT panel
  • 6 Door or window sensors
  • 1 Motion detector

Silver Plan ($37.99)

This is the mid-level plan for Protect America. The price is for the landline based system. This plan is best suited for home that are 2,400 square feet or less. The Silver Plan includes:

  • 1 Simon XT panel
  • 9 Door or window sensors
  • 1 Motion detector

Gold Plan ($39.99)

This is the premium plan from Protect America. The price is the basic landline system. It is a great plan for homes that are 3,500 square feet or less. The Gold Plan includes:

  • 1 Simon XT panel
  • 11 Door or window sensors
  • 1 Motion detector

Platinum ($42.99)

This is the top plan for Protect America. The price noted here is for the basic landline monitoring for this comprehensive system. It is perfect for large homes, but if you don’t need all the sensors you do have the option to swap out sensors for other equipment that better suit your needs. The Platinum Plan includes:

  • 1 Simon XT panel
  • 14 Door or window sensors
  • 1 Motion detector


The equipment for the packages is pretty standard across the board. There are a few extras that you can choose as add ons, but for the most part the standard equipment options are:

  • Control panel
  • Door or window sensors
  • Home automation (with broadband)
  • Energy management (with broadband)

Optional equipment:

  • 2 way voice feature that connects to the monitoring station
  • Keychain
  • Glass break sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Wireless indoor pan and tilt camera

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable for most budgets
  • Lifetime warranty on all equipment
  • No equipment or installation fees


  • No option for outdoor camera
  • Fee for returning equipment ($79 restock fee)

Best Deal

Protect America’s Silver Plan cellular solution is the best option for most homes. With its 10 sensors most homes would be adequately covered.

#3. Vivint


Vivint is our number three pick for the top 3 home security companies. This is a somewhat costlier option but they do have some impressive features and offer the latest technology. There are a few things that make then stand out, but the really impressive features come with the premium packages which also come with a heftier price tag.

Outstanding Features

Vivint has some very attractive features including a touchscreen panel, window or door sensors, a key fob, a motion detector, and a yard sign. The customer experience is quite good with a large library of online tutorial and information as well as customer support that can be reached by phone, live chat or email.


Vivint offers three home security packages that meet different needs. All three plans come with a free customizable system but professional installation is required for the equipment for all packages.

Home Automation ($69.99)

This is the premium package for Vivint and the monthly price here is the starting price. Features of the Home Automation Plan are:

  • Vivint security system
  • Automatic door locks
  • Full streaming video
  • Vivint Energy Management System

Energy Management ($59.99)

This is the mid-level package for Vivint and the monthly price here is the starting price. Features of the Energy Management Plan are:

  • 12 energy efficient light bulbs
  • Remote lamp and appliance control
  • Smart thermostat
  • Vivint Security System

Home Security ($53.99)

This is the basic package for Vivint and the monthly price here is the starting price. Features of the Home Security Plan are:

  • Remote key fob
  • Motion detector
  • Window and door sensors
  • Touchscreen control panel


Vivint customers have access to some pretty impressive high tech equipment. The SkyControl panel has 2 way voice, LCD touchscreen, remote control capabilities, and built in cellular monitoring. Additional equipment are available for additional fees, but choosing the a la carte options allow you to build the home security system that best fits your needs. Some of the additional equipment includes:

  • Additional motion detector
  • Additional window and door sensors
  • Glass break detector
  • Smoke alarm
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Key fob
  • Fixed video camera
  • Lamp and appliance control system
  • Automatic door locks
  • Pan and tilt video camera
  • Smart thermostat

Pros and Cons


  • Strong capabilities for automation
  • Wireless systems available
  • Attractive equipment design
  • All plans have cellular monitoring
  • Home automation
  • Stable company
  • Internal monitoring


  • No Better Business Bureau rating
  • They have a pending lawsuit against them
  • Very costly upfront
  • Professional installation required
  • Very lengthy contracts
  • No natural gas alert
  • No outdoor cameras

Best Deal

All three of Vivint’s plans are rather expensive, but for those who can afford it, the Home Security Plan is the best option. The motion detector, key fob, sensors, and touchpad control panel will keep your property protected.

The Big Picture

After reviewing the three home security companies, the best choice is our number one choice, Frontpoint. It offers the best features and service at the best price. While the other companies do offer adequate protection packages, the cons outweigh the pros. When looking for a home security company, weigh your options, assess your needs and choose the company that offer the highest quality service and best reputation as well as optimal plans and features. Don’t skimp on protection for your home; your family is worth more than that.